About us

We are a family business based in Menorca, who started up in wood, aluminium and PVC carpentry in 1973.

Thanks to the working team of almost 50 professionals that form part of Verd Neix, we offer a high production level in order to carry out both carpentry and renovation projects in the Balearic Islands.

During all this time, we have progressively adapted the use of new materials and adhered to new requirements of the market. We have our own workshops for wood, aluminium and PVC, with a ground surface of 3,160 m2 that includes offices, the factory, warehouse and exhibition area.



In 1973, after some years of training in woodwork and carpentry in Menorca, Antonio Mercadal Olives founded Verd Neix in a warehouse on the La Trotxa Industrial Estate in Alaior. That building is still part of our collection of warehouses in which we conduct carpentry work in wood, aluminium and PVC in Menorca.

Thanks to the tourist boom in that period in Menorca, Verd Neix started to execute various woodwork tasks for the apartments and houses that were being built, using this material for enclosure purposes.

Apart from work for private property owners, the company also took on projects for hotels and public works, such as the installation of the woodwork in the first extension of Mahón Airport.



Due to the economic crisis in 1993 that affected the construction industry in Menorca, production at Verd Neix came to a halt, but Antonio Mercadal Olives decided to move to Mallorca in search of new opportunities. Thanks to this decision, the company was able to carry out different carpentry projects in Mallorca, where we still continue to work to this day.

Verd Neix Menorca


The nineties decade was very significant for Verd Neix. On the one hand, Emilio and Virginia Mercadal Moreno, the son and daughter of the founder, joined the company. And on the other hand, Menorca experienced a new tourist boom, with the renovation of construction of hotel establishments, with Verd Neix become more and more involved in the woodwork tasks.

2002 saw the introduction of aluminium and PVC projects in Menorca, with the company absorbing the change of trend and offering their clients new systems that required less maintenance than wood.

In that same year, Verd Neix participated in other major works such as the Consell Insular de Menorca headquarters, the construction of 35 bioclimatic house in Binisafúller and several hotel refurbishments.


In 2005 it was decided to go one step further and make various investments, consisting of the training and specialisation of staff and the modernisation of the facilities and machinery to adapt to the new market needs and demand.

The diversification of services was key in order to be able to consolidate the company, and also to offer our clients the widest range of products related aluminium carpentry in Menorca.

This change in our working system, plus the introduction of new materials, allowed for the execution of new projects and renovations in Menorca, comprising spacious enclosures like balconies, large windows, interior and exterior woodwork, dressing rooms, parquet flooring for homes and businesses, customised furniture and the creation of designer kitchens.

Present and future

Despite the current global situation that started in 2020, work at Verd Neix is still consistent, and they have now decided to take another step with the renovation of their facilities and a change of brand image.

Verd Neix has joined the store network Ventanas Cortizo, the leading company in aluminium and PVC manufacture in Spain and Europe. We have converted our store to become a spacious showroom, where customers can view real samples in more detail and also obtain professional advice for their renovation projects in Menorca.

We keep striving to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers’ projects in order to help them optimise their resources. We respect the environment, and contribute to the purchase of certified material from sustainably managed forests. We also recycle our waste, using it to generate our own biofuel, and in the last year we have installed solar panels in deference to Menorca, a Biosphere Reserve.